Will Smidt

Our favorite product is TRISWIM.  Will is in the pool almost every day!  We use TRISWIM after every swim to make sure his "yellow hair" - as he calls it - stays blonde rather than any other shade (like green ;)).  TRISWIM smells great, does not sting his eyes and rinses out easily - which is great since he is an independent 6 year old who likes to shower on his own! – Kris Smidt, proud mom

How many years of school did you accomplish?
3 so far.  I am just finishing kindergarten

How many teeth have you lost?
2 but I have a lot more that are wiggly right now

How many friends do you have?
I would say about 23
How deep can you dive?
All the way to the bottom
Do you have any other hobbies or sports?
Playing flag football. Practicing Tae Kwon Do. Going to Disneyland. Flying to different places to visit
Favorite Race?
Butterfly and Breast Stroke
Favorite Food?
Ice cream, chocolate cake, strawberries, and glazed old fashioned donuts